Welcome to DIGS


Our group consists of enthusiastic  SaddleBrooke, and SaddleBrooke Ranch, Arizona residents, who are interested in increasing their skills in the area of digital photography and photo enhancement using Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop Elements. We are not a traditional photography club as there are no photo competitions.The objective of DIGS is to provide a forum that would be of interest to digital photographers. Members are encouraged to participate in the assignments and contribute to the group’s efforts in learning  the art of digital photography and photo editing.The meetings consist of social time, a presentation and displays of member’s projects. Presentations are made up of tutorials, lectures, discussions and demonstrations that are relevant to photography and digital editing of photos. Some meetings consist of slideshows of photos done by members based on assigned photo shoots.  Members are invited to gather for a post meeting luncheon to discuss the presentations or other topics of interest to photographers
WHEN: The 2nd Saturday of the Month: 8:30-10:30 am (approx.).  The program usually starts at 9:00 am
WHERE: The Coyote Room at SaddleBrooke Country Club.  Make sure you check the Meetings and Programs page in case the date or location has changed.
WHO: Any resident of SaddleBrooke or SaddleBrooke Ranch interested in photography and digital enhancement of images.
Effective January 1, 2017, DIGS is changing its dues structure, dropping our new member fee and going to a straight annual dues structure.
1)  If you join DIGS during 2016, you pay a $50 initiation fee, but you do not pay annual dues in 2017.
2)  All other members pay annual dues of $25 per year payable in January.


If you wish to join DIGS, the application is: DIGS Membership Application


MORE INFORMATION:  Send an inquiry to digsinfo@digsouth.org or come to one of our meetings.

PLEASE NOTE: Images, lessons, tutorials and other materials, or derivative works contained on this website may not be used, published, disributed or sold, in any form, without first receiving wrtiten permission of DIGS and/or the respective member who produced the work.  You will need the password to access this material.